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The origins of the campaign

The idea for an industry-wide promotional campaign arose from a collective desire, expressed by all professionals in the ornamental horticulture sector, to ensure our industry’s growth and enhance it for the years to come.

Faced with our fast-changing market, especially in terms of consumer behaviour, a strong collective promotional initiative has become urgent. We cannot afford to let ourselves lose opportunities to come closer to our present and emerging customers.

This project, initiated by the FIHOQ and its members and with the financial support of MAPAQ, is run by Table filière de l’horticulture ornementale, a market development agency that brings together all the sectors in the industry, from producer to consumer.

The objectives

  • Give our industry a strong, positive image.
  • Develop new customers, to ensure our growth and enhance it in the long term.
  • Boost sales of ornamental horticulture products and services in Quebec.
  • Promote the businesses in the sector.
  • Promote health, environmental and economic benefits of plants.


The “Make a garden of your life” campaign presents to the various consumer target groups the idea that a garden is a place where you live. It highlights all the delights that a garden can offer : The garden at the heart of our life, the love and benefit of plants, the well-being and pride of being surrounded by a well-laid out garden, etc.


The campaign is currently funded on a voluntary basis, by ornamental growers, retailers, suppliers, landscapers and lawn care operators. Your support in this collective effort is not only to be desired, but is now actually essential to give our industry the prominence it deserves. Let’s do it together !

To confirm your intention to support Make a garden of your life campaign, simply sign and return the contribution pledge by e-mail or fax at 450 774-3556.

You can also contact Pier-Olivier Guimond at 450 774-2228 or by e-mail at

2014 campaign

Details of the 2014 campaign.

Identify your company as a partner of the promotional campaign by using our promotional tools.

Highlights of the 2013 campaign

The campaign started in early April with the launch of the new site. The site features new «Business Stories», «Inspiration» and «Easy Plants» sections, videos on landscaping, lawn care and irrigation, a contest area and a new google directory to easily locate all businesses participating in the campaign.

A TV commercial was broadcast on TVA across Quebec during the month of May. The campaign has also benefited from an extraordinary coverage in Journal de Montreal in late April.

Contests have been popular this year. In total, 300,000 coupons were distributed in 239 businesses, offering participants the chance to win various prizes. Nearly 20,000 participants were enrolled in our contests.

The contest «A specialist in my garden» offered five families a little makeover of their landscaping valued at $ 1,000. The work was undertaken with the help of participating businesses, our spokespersons and our 5 experts : Claude Vallée, Albert Mondor, Marie Eisenmann, Mélanie Grégoire and Rock Giguère. From May 27 to June 17, the team visited Terrebonne, Montreal, Quebec, Trois-Rivières and Alma ! The video clips of these makeovers are published on, on facebook and 30 seconds versions were broadcast on TVA, LCN and CASA between June 20 and July 1. 

Our Facebook page currently has more than 3,700 fans. From mid-April to mid-May our postings were seen by 23,000 people per week !

Media relations were conducted from April to mid-July. We have an excellent turnout with more than 250 articles or references on radio, TV, newspapers and the Web, not to mention the promotion done by participating companies, municipalities and other sources.

See 2013 contributor list

Highlights of the 2012 campaign

The first season of the campaign hit right on target! Remember that the goals of the campaign were to raise awareness regarding the benefits of plants and gardening among the 35-55 year olds so as to inspire them to consume our products and services.

Internet : reporters throughout Quebec shared our invitation to discover or rediscover all the joys and benefits inherent to plants and gardening.  As of June 30th 2012, 91 articles, reports and interviews specifically addressing the campaign had reached over 20 million readers and listeners throughout the province.

As of June 30th, 130,360 pages of had been visited; 47,814 visitors went to the contest page; and an average of 4.65 pages were seen during each visit for an average time of 3.26 minutes. The 35-55 age group is especially well represented in Internet and social media statistics.

Close to 20,000 consumers from throughout the province entered the 3 contests on the site and on the Campaign’s Facebook page.

What Consumers Are Saying

From June 26 to 28, 2012, the Table filière ran an omnibus style survey among 1001 Quebec respondents. This survey’s results are representative of the Quebec population.

Two questions were asked to respondents.  First, we asked them whether they had seen or heard of the Make a garden of your life Campaign over the past few weeks.  The survey confirmed that 8% of households had seen, read or heard of the promotional campaign during the spring.  An excellent statistic after just one season of campaigning !

Next, we asked them the manner in which the campaign had come to their attention.  It turned out that television was the most efficient method of attracting a household’s attention, followed by written media (newspapers, magazines), radio and Internet.

These results confirm that our marketing investment in television and public relations in various media was noticed by consumers.

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